Commercials Abreviated

I’ve done several hundred commercials for major clients and directors.

Sprite f/ Kobe bryant
HSI, Allen Hughes – Director

Boost Mobile
Imperial Woodpecker, Stacy Wall – Director

Dolce & Gabbana f/ Matthew McConaughey
DNA, Jean-Baptiste Mondino – Director

Chevrolet f/ the cast of Glee
Collaboration Factory, Ryan Murphy – Director

Aqua Hydrate 9 f/ Mark Wahlberg, Sean Combs
Wondros,  Jesse Dylan – Director

MJZ, Dante Ariola – Director

HSI, Gerard De Thame – Director

Oreo f/ Shaq, Eli Manning, Venus Williams, Apolo Ohno
HSI, Brett Ratner – Director

Prettybird, Paul Hunter – Director

Smuggler, Randy Krallman – Director

A Common Thread, Daniel Kaufman – Director

Anonymous, Peter Thwaites – Director

Orbit Gum
MTV, Edward Paige – Director

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